Aerial Intelligence Solutions

The power of drone-driven data.

Aerial Intelligence Solutions

The power of drone-driven data.

D2i’s aerial intelligence services amplify your productivity.

Leveraging the latest in optics, AI, and image processing technology, D2i brings the power of aerial intelligence to construction, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

Mapping & Survey

Georeferenced orthomosaic maps, 3D maps and 3D models provide highly accurate digital replicas of terrain, buildings and material stockpiles.


Drones provide a safe and efficient means to quickly inspect rooftops, storage tanks, antennas and nearly any large infrastructure or site.


Utilize infrared imagery to identify water incursion and HVAC leaks on rooftops, failing solar arrays, dangerous conditions in electrical infrastructure, or assess crop health in agriculture applications.


RGB and multispectral photogrammetry detect plant stress before visible signs appear, identify hydration and fungal issues, provide crop counts and aid in operational planning.

Fleet Operations

Establish an in-house capability with the proper training, licensing, fleet management and operating procedures to run a safe, compliant and effective drone program.

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